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The peoples of the world are one people, enriched by individual differences, united by the common bond of humanity. The diversity of the Global Community is its greatest strength; understanding and respect are its greatest gifts.

- Our Philosophy

GCN Around The World

Global Citizens Network works to promote peace, justice and respect through cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation. We are committed to enhancing quality of life around the world while preserving indigenous cultures, traditions and ecologies.

Join us; volunteer around the world. Work side-by-side and build relationships with members of our indigenous partner communities in the U.S. and abroad. GCN is a 501(c)(3) organization based in the United States. Participate in community development projects driven by the community.

Join us in celebrating more than 20 years of life-changing journeys.

"I've never witnessed such kindness, such sweetness—with and for each other. I am so grateful to GCN—for helping us thru every moment of this trip —for leading us to this incredible group of people. I have a new outlook in life. 
Thank you everyone for making this trip so incredible. I’m so proud of our girls for going thru this with so much openness + flexibility + courage.
I’ll miss you all. Thank you leaders!!"
—Alisa, GCN Trip Participant, Xiloxochico, Mexico July 2014

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Discover the world of differences
we all have in common

                               Upcoming Trips

Regions Partners   Dates                                 
Guatemala, Cantel Maya People              March 20March 29
Mexico, Xiloxochico  Nahua People              March 27April 5
Minnesota, White Earth Anishinabe People          June 13June 20
Tanzania, Kilomeni Bahaya People      June 19July 4
Ecuador, Tumbatu Afro-Ecuadorians  June 27July 6
Guatemala, Cantel Maya People              July 3July 12
Washington, La Push  The Quileute People       July 12July 20
Mexico, Xiloxochico  Nahua People              July 25August 3
Peru, Chirapa Mestizo People     August 7August 16
Minnesota, White Earth Anishinabe People  August 22August 29