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Why GCN?

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It has become the most meaningful thing I've experienced in my life. It was more than a casual cultural exchange. I never felt like a tourist - I felt like I was coming home.

- Ted

Providing Unique, Meaningful Experiences

The number of agencies arranging for "volunteer vacations" or "voluntourism" experiences has grown dramatically in recent years and even months. So why, since 2007, have National Geographic, The New York Times, Oprah Magazine and Budget Travel all given Global Citizens Network the highest recommendation?

With over 20 years of experience arranging cross-cultural expeditions for globally-minded participants, GCN provides a truly unique program emphasizing cross-cultural understanding and interconnectedness.

Strong partnerships with host communities:

GCN nurtures mutually beneficial, trusting relationships with indigenous communities around the world. Strong relationships are made possible by mutual respect.

Multigenerational teams:

GCN participants range in age from 8 and older. More than half of GCN's trip participants travel with family, including children. Partner communities value and welcome strong family relationships.  Each GCN team is led by a trained and experienced GCN team leader.  Student, corporate and other civic groups are encouraged to apply.  Custom trips also available.

Student-focused learning and support:

Recognizing the unique needs of student travelers, GCN supports student travelers before, during and after their travel in accordance to the eight components of quality programming.

Off the beaten path:

GCN teams immerse themselves in remote, rural communities in the global south and north.  The journey takes participants deep into the indigenous way of life.  Participants experience life first-hand riding local transportation, taking bucket showers, and cooking on wood-burning stoves.  Participants contribute by engaging in shared work with community.  There is little to no other mass tourism present.  Here is an opportunity to eat, breathe, sleep and ride immersion.  Join GCN in travel that mirrors your values.

Thinking globally, acting locally:

GCN recognizes the importance of life-long learning and bringing the learnings of our network of diverse people into one's own community.  GCN supports travel participants Beyond the Experience and carrying forward the cross-cultural understanding and unique lessons that fuel our philosophy that "The people of the world are one people, enriched by individual differences, united by the common bond of humanity.  The diversity of the Global Community is its greatest strength; understanding and respect are its greatest gifts."

In an effort to promote learning of culture & social justice locally, GCN currently offers language classes and space for cross-cultural dialogue through conversation and film.

 Would you like to experience a cross-cultural expedition with Global Citizens Network?

Learn more about planning a trip and taking a Spanish class.