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I learned much more that GCN is about the process of building long term relationships with communities, not necessarily about the process of "building!" It was truly priceless to be allowed to be on the 'construction site' with a bunch of indigenous people in Mexico. Tourists DO NOT get that opportunity-nor should they. We all believed WE TRULY MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS.

- Diana

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Issue 24 Spring 2012

Will You Celebrate 20 Years with Us?

Issue 23 Fall 2011

GCN Welcomes 1st Atlas Corp Fellow 


This fall, GCN-ISE have partnered with Atlas Corps, an international network of nonprofit leaders and organizations best known as “reverse peace corp” to pilot the first fellow in Minnesota!

Atlas Corp. addresses critical social issues by developing leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled nonprofit professionals.

Harambee Issue 22 (Summer 2011)

GCN welcomes its Sixth Executive Director, in 20 years - Steve Struthers

Steve Struthers follows Cindy Murphy Kelley, who brought GCN into a strategic alliance with Intercultural Student Experiences (ISE) in September of 2009. Steve is ED of both GCN and ISE.

Harambee E-newsletter Fall 2010

Behind the Scenes of Lake Titicaca-GCN Brown Bag

Mark your Calendar-October 1st, 2010 12pm-1pm at GCN/ISE Office: 129 North 2nd Street #102, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Spaces limited!  RSVP:; 612.436.8270

GCN Special Offer - Thailand/Nepal - Fall 2010!!!

Dear Global Citizen,

GCN is thrilled to offer unique cultural immersion trips. Many of our past participants have expressed their GCN experiences as life and perspective-changing.

We are eager to continue reciprocal relationships with our community partners in Thailand and Nepal and have reduced our adult program fees to $2,225.00 USD each or $3,450.00 USD for both trips!!!

Harambee Newsletter Summer 2010

Another change—GCN in transition

What isn't changing these days? What is this “new normal” and how are we defining it anyway? At GCN while much is in transition, some things have not changed—like the fundamental way we work. We continue to wholeheartedly embrace our mission, our commitment to host communities, our commitment to intergenerational trip participants and you, our friends of GCN.

GCN Announces Strategic Partner

Global Citizens Network Announces Strategic Alliancetrips-bukoba-gallery6.jpg

Dear GCN Team Leaders, Board Members, and Staff-

Harambee: GCN Newsletter

Harambee: the Swahili word meaning "unite" or "work together"

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