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Spanish Class Descriptions

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"What I like most about GCN? – the teachers.  They are native speakers and so qualified to not only teach but to bring a special life to the language through occasional personal stories and perspectives that immeasurably enhance the experience. From time to time, my first teacher shared personal moments in her life, reflecting the culture of Mexico. My current teacher, (who brings the interesting perspective of a lawyer), sometimes uses YouTube videos of events from his home –Colombia, to make points about language in a way that is quite fascinating." John, Current Student


Please read below for detailed descriptions on each class. If you are registering for Beginning 2 or higher, please use this online assessment to determine your level. Register online or call us at 612.436.8279. All class sessions last for 2 hours.


Beginner Classes
Register for a Beginner Class if you scored between 0-20 on the assessment.

Spanish Beginner 1   

At the end of the course the student should be able to identify himself/herself and others (origin, occupation, physical and personality features, and age). Express emotions, state of mind and possession. Talk about daily activities using regular -ar, -er, and -ir ending verbs. Describe locations of people and things and express obligation. Assumes no prior exposure to Spanish.

Spanish Beginner 2

In this class, students will increase their vocabulary to become more comfortable talking about daily activities and routines (regular and irregular verbs). Communicate their likes and dislikes, hobbies and pastimes. Express time and obligation. Talk about family. 

Spanish Beginner 3

Students will be able to talk about their plans (using ir + a + infinitive).  At the end of this class the student will be able to confidently express daily routine activities (including reflexive verbs) using the present tense (regular and irregular verbs) and talk about ongoing actions (present progressive).  Students will recognize and use direct object pronouns to replace information that is already known by the speaker and listener. 

Spanish Beginner 4

By the end of this course students should be able to talk about daily activities with an ample vocabulary related to daily life (market/shopping/weather /clothing/hygiene).  Make comparisons.  Communicate past experiences using the preterite (regular verbs) and the imperfect.


Intermediate Classes

Register for an Intermediate Class if you scored between 20-40 on the online assessment.

Spanish Intermediate 1

More practice expressing past experiences: using preterite and imperfect.  Learn the correct use of some prepositions. Communicate commands. 

Spanish Intermediate 2

Introduces and expands upon present subjunctive tense. Students will learn how and when to use the subjunctive in adverb, adjective and noun clauses. 

Spanish Intermediate 3

Develops knowledge of past subjunctive, conditional tense and relative pronouns. 

Advanced Classes

Register for the Advanced Class if you scored a 40 or more on the online assessment.

Spanish Advanced 1

This advanced grammar course prepares students to focus on accuracy, fluency and use of grammar structures in context. Review of the structures taught in the Intermediate levels. There is a special focus on complex sentences. Emphasis is placed on grammar skills such as coherence, transitions, and control of tense shifts. 

This course helps students identify their own errors and weaknesses, and develop strategies to correct them in order to increase accuracy and fluency. A variety of authentic materials and homeworks assigments will be provided.

Advanced Conversation

The instructor will introduce topics for this class. It could be topics related to Hispanic culture (a specific genre in literature, history, music, political life, economics issues, social processes, indigenous American societies, arts, current events, etc.) from Latin American and/or Spain. Each session will have different curriculum. The goal is to practice, improve, acquire cultural knowledge and expand your vocabulary.

We will practice some advanced grammatical points (preterite/imperfect; ser/estar; imperfect present and past subjunctive; etc.) The instructor will provide readings and materials for the student to work on outside of the classroom. Student will come to class prepared to discuss or present those materials.

*All students registering for this class must complete placement testing before registering. This class is designed for more advanced Spanish students.