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As a GCN volunteer you expect to fill the role of giver, giving of your time, efforts, money and heart. During a recent trip to Nepal, I felt more like a wide receiver for a pro football team, with countless blessings being passed my way! It started before I even left with support from a bunch of people, some of whom I don't even know, my sponsors through fundraising.

- Cherril

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

Global Citizens Network is a cooperative effort, guided by individuals with substantial international travel and development experience. All are committed to the GCN Mission, working to promote peace, justice and tolerance through cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation.


Team Leaders 

Team Leaders are volunteers dedicated to the mission and vision of GCN. GCN Team Leaders (TLs) agree to act in ways that align with the organization's philosophy, values and mission; demonstrate competence as team leaders; and respect and honor the host communities' identified needs, values and culture. They lead every trip that GCN sends and manage the budget, handle in-country logistics and facilitate conversations that cultivate the cultural immersion experience for trip participants.  GCN has over 50 active team leaders and leaders in training. Please click here to view their profiles.

Board of Directors

Board members are volunteers dedicated to the vision and mission of Global Citizens Network, to establish GCN as a nationwide and international grassroots travel and exchange network, and to operate in accordance with its philosophy of grassroots participation and management.

Global Citizens Network board members all have extensive experience in international travel and development, and have led trips to the Caribbean, East Africa, Central America, the South Pacific, Eastern Europe, and India.

Monica Vickman Ballard (Secretary)

Karen Brown 

David Ernst

Vicki Hooper

Elizabeth Kelly (Treasurer)

Mary Lynn Montgomery

José Schimming 

Jeffrey Sommers (Chair)

Patricia Thornton

Peter Wagner