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With the beauty, the simplicity, the strength and comedy of this place, each day becomes an adventure to be anticipated.

- Gladys

As part of GCN's 2010 Call to Action, we are asking for help by sharing inspirational images captured by GCN team participants during their trips around the world.

You must be a former or current trip participant. Send your top picture in a jpeg file to GCN at Please include in the body of the email the date, site name, and a short description of how your picture inspired you and/or others.
Send your pics today, they are accepted until the voting closes on 1.30.10!

The top prize for the photo with the most votes is a discount off any 2010 trip: $400 off any international trip, or $200 off any domestic trip.

Second place wins an I-pod nano

Final results of the contest will be posted on GCN's blog and facebook after voting closes, and the winning picture will be highlighted in our upcoming spring newsletter.

You do not have to be a GCN participant to fact, participants are encouraged to invite other to join the voting process!

Voting starts 1.11.10 and ends 1.30.10

You can vote at our "Join the Dialogue" page on our website and on our "Facebook" page. Anyone can vote at both locations, but your vote will be counted ONCE at each site.

Log-in (or if you are not yet a member, sign up) and add a response on this forum page- WRITE IN "VOTE" ON YOUR MESSAGE.- your may only vote for one picture here and one picture (same or different) on the GCN facebook page.

La Push, Washington
Hand made beauties at the La Push Reservation.....when there's a will, there's a way.
 by Miriam Yamak


GCN Kenya June 2003

We were in Taracha, Kenya and the kids coaxed Jan to sit in the road and talk and sing- they were all having a ball!

by Jim Smith

GCN Chaing Rai, Thailand Kaewaodum village Dec.27,09 to Jan.10,2010.
Chaing Rai, Thailand , Kaewaodum village

" The enjoyment of life’s simplest things."

Photo by Peggy McDaniel.
















Xiloxochico, Mexico, Nahua Community March 2008

I like how simple, yet full of meaning it is, to me at least.

-by Polina Georgiou

La Push, Washington; Quileute Reservation, June 2009

I took a lot of black & white film photographs while in La Push. The Quileute people have this amazing connection and respect for nature. This is a photograph looking out over the marina, two of our team members are lounging on a huge piece of driftwood. This photograph represents peace and connectedness with the natural world--the water, the trees (living and dead), the birds, the land. We are all inextricably intertwined, and this is something wonderful I took home with me from my experience in La Push.

- by Lindsey Sitz


Xiloxochico, Mexico, Nahua Community December 2009-January 2010

This is an example of cooperative work between GCN and the local women of the community we are partnering with. Here we see everyone pitching in, with the Nahua women shoveling sand onto a sand sifter that GCN volunteers are holding.

-by Mike Valenza

Maili Tatu, Kenya July 2006

Joy. Contentment. Life.

Eden Rock

Chirapa, Peru, Quechua Community, July 2009

It is a photo of my son, Jonathan, planting a tree with Jess, a child from the village at their school. Our team was sent to the school to build a new cafeteria/comedor for them to cook at eat in. We brought money, people and energy to help create a new space for them and in turn, they decided to beautify the area in front of the classrooms by planting a garden.

-by Rachel Schindler

Thailand, Hill Tribes, November 2007

Taken November 2007 in Lisu, Thailand. I think these children, most of the offspring of my host family, will long remember the volunteers who came to their village. the older ones kept saying to me "Go ti pahm," which I didn't understand until they took me to this view of the tea farm to take their picture.

-by Susan Fuller

Kilomeni, Tanzania Pare & Maasai People, July 2009

Learning about the Pare culture...and discovering our smiles in common.
I submitted this picture to my university and it is now a poster in our "Center for Student Involvement." I hope when current UCSD students see it, they will be inspired to take that first step in opening their hearts and minds to the world; finding our similarities instead of our differences.

-by Benjamin J. Trevias











GCN Xiloxochico, Mexico January 2010-01-11

This photo as taken on new years eve day in Xiloxochico, Mexico. I find it inspiring because it shows how happy the boy is because of his new friendships with the members of the GCN team.

Amelia Parker























Xiloxochico, Mexico January 2010

This photo was taken the last day of 2009 in the village of Xiloxochico, Puebla, Mexico.

I find this photo inspiring because obviously these joyful girls care for each other, just as the women of the cooperative care for each other & the next generation.

-by Anne Parker




Chicueyaco, Mexico, Nahua Community, March 2003

Hand-weaving of textiles is evident in the women's blouses, belts, etc.

-by William Olszewski