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Because of a scholarship provided by Global Citizens Network, I was able to spend two weeks volunteering in Guatemala, in a rural village called Llanos de Morales. This was my second trip volunteering in a developing nation (I went to Nicaragua two years ago), but my first time working with GCN. My experience was unforgettable and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Anonymous

Joining a Team on a GCN Cross-Cultural Expedition

Global Citizen Network has over 20 years of experience pairing globally-minded individuals with like-minded team members to participate in cross-cultural expeditions all across the globe.

Working with your team and with the indigenous members of your host community, you will contribute to important community development projects and build meaningful relationships with members of your host culture.

To learn about the indigenous communities who partner with Global Citizens Network, explore GCN's map of trip destinations. If you would like to schedule a trip, view the trip calendar.