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Family-Friendly Communities

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We were exposed to something few of us get to experience. Most often we simply drive through communities. This time we got to meet and really get to know people, and they were so generous. We got far more out of the experience than we gave.

- Kathy P.

Host Communities Welcoming Family Volunteers

With 17 years of experience conducting travel to international destinations, Global Citizen Network is well positioned to choose host communities that are particularly welcoming to children.

In the cultures we visit, children and young people are a natural part of the daily life of the community. As a result, GCN volunteers are often more accepted and more welcomed when children are a part of the team. We have also learned that children prompt a certain openness that can speed up the connection to the community, benefiting everyone on the team.

To help you determine which volunteer sites are best for families, we created a family friendliness rating that factors in travel times, weather conditions, terrain, accessibility to medical facilities, school schedules and more. You can find these ratings and other information on our volunteer site information chart.

Children Work Side-by-Side With Indigenous Peoples

At our family volunteer destinations, children traveling with GCN are incorporated into the work projects wherever appropriate, working side-by-side with team and community members.

All participants including children work only as much as they desire. Typical work projects include building or refurbishing community buildings, field labor, working with artisans or installing irrigation systems. Depending on their age and abilities, your children might help by painting, raking gravel, sifting sand or hauling water.

An added benefit is that having children and teens on the team encourages young people in the host community to become involved in the project—and often remain involved after the volunteers leave.

If you would like to further explore the possibility of volunteering abroad with your family, learn more about planning a trip.