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The group experience was what made it so great. The team leaders were remarkable. They never passed judgment and treated my children like full members of the group, so they acted that way. The experience made them more confident and more excited about taking other travel adventures.

- Marcy G.

Family Travel with Global Citizens Network

With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, it’s not always easy to come together as a family, to have those important conversations and to share your deepest values with your children. 

In response, Global Citizens Network (GCN) has identified specific destinations that, while scenic and culturally rich, also have community needs that can be filled with the assistance of families volunteering together.

  • Family Volunteer Travel - Benefits and Considerations: A GCN trip can help your family grow stronger and teach your children important values — but it isn't necessarily easy. Before you decide to go, there are some important questions you should ask yourself.
  • Family-Friendly Communities: GCN partners with indigenous communities that value families and children strongly. When children join our teams, our teams can make a greater impact.
  • What to Expect: Your trip will take you to remote villages where you will encounter unfamiliar languages, food, lodgings and culture.

A travel experience with GCN can offer your family the opportunity to dig deeper, expose yourselves to new ways of life, and stretch the boundaries of what is “ordinary.” You and your children (or grandchildren, nieces or nephews) can see the world through new eyes, while strengthening your ties to one another.

GCN is the only volunteer travel organization with team leaders trained specifically to work with families. GCN is the only organization devoted to cross-cultural partnership experiences that offers a comprehensive program of materials for families with children to support and deepen their volunteer travel experience.

Find a Trip to Accommodate Your Family

If your family is ready for a vacation with meaning—and to share your hands and heart with others—consider a volunteer travel adventure with GCN. View the trips on our calendar here.

If the scheduled dates don’t fit with your family’s calendar, talk to GCN staff about arranging a private trip for your family. We require a minimum of six participants per trip. (You may travel with fewer than six, but the fee nevertheless will be based on the assumption of six participants.)

NOTE: We ask that you consult with GCN staff before signing up for a trip with children under the age of 12. The minimum age to participate is 8 years old, although exceptions will be made in certain circumstances.