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What I like most about GCN? – the teachers.  They are native speakers and so qualified to not only teach but to bring a special life to the language through occasional personal stories and perspectives that immeasurably enhance the experience. From time to time, my first teacher shared personal moments in her life, reflecting the culture of Mexico. My current teacher, (who brings the interesting perspective of a lawyer), sometimes uses YouTube videos of events from his home –Columbia, to make points about language in a way that is quite fascinating.

- John,


  • New students seeking to take a class above the Beginner 1 level must complete an online assessment. Beginning 1 students do not need to take a placement test - you can just register! There is no charge for placement testing.
  • With the exception of our Advanced classes, students who successfully completed one of our classes (or a class previously offered by the Resource Center of the Americas/La Conexion) can register for the next level class. Advanced Spanish class students are expected to have an advanced level of speaking and writing and also must complete placement testing prior to registering.
  • Please use the information in the class descriptions as a guide for registering.
  • All registration is on a first come, first served basis. Please note that some classes fill quickly, and we limit class sizes to create a positive learning experience.
  • After taking the online assessment please register on-line or call 612.436.8274 with questions about registration and payment.
  • We will provide information about which of our outstanding teachers is assigned to a given class during registration. We reserve the right to change teacher assignments to meet overall scheduling needs.

Online Placement Assessment

  • Students who plan on registering for Beginner 2 or 3; Intermediate 1, 2, or 3; or Advanced Spanish should click this link before registering for a class to complete the online assessment.
  • Please note your score at the end of the test. The purpose of this assessment is to act as a general guide for determining the most appropriate class.


  • Payment must be made prior to the first class. Teachers are not authorized to admit unregistered students nor to accept payment at the class site.
  • Payment may be made online by credit card or by calling the office. Checks may be mailed. 
  • Tuition is refundable until the end of the business day on the Monday of the 2nd week of classes, minus a $10 non-refundable administration fee. 
  • Refunds may take up to 30 days to process.
  • We assess a $40 fee on any check that is returned to us for insufficient funds.

Attendance & Cancellation

  • Please notify your teacher in advance if you’ll be absent. Bear in mind that your absence affects not only your learning experience, but also your fellow classmates. If you miss 2 classes without explanation, we’ll be calling! If you miss more than 3, you’ll be ineligible to receive a completion certificate. We encourage classmates to partner up for mutual support.
  • Occasionally we must cancel a class meeting due to teacher illness, weather emergencies, or other extraordinary circumstances. If we cancel class we’ll notify you by phone as far in advance as we possibly can.
  • While we very rarely cancel an entire class, we reserve the right to do so and will issue you a full refund. The main reasons for a class cancellation would be insufficient student registrations or a major problem with teacher scheduling.