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The trip to Rock Point was a wonderful experience for me. Our team really "connected" and are talking among ourselves of doing other trips together! We all agreed we haven't laughed and sung songs like we did there for a long time. The Navajo people are wonderful, and we were able to share songs, dinner with them and they with us. We were able to complete the projects they had for us and still have lots of time for culture exchange.

- Lynne

My favorite Chirapa memories

In June, a team went to visit our partners in Chirapa, Peru, where we work with a local nonprofit called JIREH in their efforts to support small-scale development projects in the area. Hear what one of the participants wrote upon her return.

Entonet, Kenya : A new partnership

In May 2016, we sent the first Xperitas team to a new partnership in Entonet, Kenya. We were invited to partner with this semi-nomadic Maasai community in their efforts to create a community center that will serve as a meeting place, market, traveling clinic and much more. Our main partner is the Entonet Development Forum (EDF), whose main goal is to work to advance health, education and development in Entonet.

A big Miigwetch to the White Earth Community

A group of students from Carroll University traveled to White Earth to spend a week in the community. They had no idea what a powerful week this would be.

The Power of Imuka Singers

Imuka Singers are known for their intense choreography, drumming and percussion instruments but also traditional dancing that draws from old African folk songs and dances. Read more about their history and how their music impacts their community.

Journey to Xiloxochico

Read about a recent trip to Xiloxochico with a group of students who received the Xperitas Global Learner's Grant.

Introducing Eden Rock

We are pleased to introduce Eden Rock as the newest member of our team! Eden has a longtime history with Xperitas (formerly Global Citizens Network), and we are capitalizing on her experience and enthusiasm to pilot a regional “hub” to promote and support community partnership participants living in California.

My Illuminating Trip to Ecuador

Our partners in Tumbatu are the Afro-Ecuadorian people, an agricultural community with a complex identity living as a non-indigenous minority inside Latin America. On our last visit in 2015, participants worked to install lamps at a local park. Read about the experience through this past participant's story.

Friends of Mexico: January 2016

In Mexico, Xperitas partners with a community of Nahua people, an indigenous group descending from the Aztecs that have maintained their customs and their language. To kick off 2016, Xperitas sent two groups to Mexico in January to stay in Cuetzalan and work in the villages of Xiloxochico and Chicueyaco. Read about the work they did and our upcoming trip to Mexico!

Indigenous Farming Conference

Our White Earth Reservation partner is extending an invitation to all GCN participants to the Indigenous Farming Conference on March 3-6, 2016 at Maplelag Resort Callaway, MN.

Interview and News from Our CEO

Alain L. Thiry is the President and CEO of GCN and our partner organization, ISE. Read this interview to learn why he’s excited to be at GCN-ISE and his vision for the future of the organization, including how we’re evolving and growing to better support our stakeholders.