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Our GCN sponsored program in Tanzania wasn't a vacation but rather a deeply moving experience our family will cherish for a lifetime.
Sean, Dad, Bukoba, Tanzania

- Sean, Dad,

Friends Of: Chiang Rai, Thailand, June 2015

The "Friends Of" blog posts are designed to provide past participants with an update of what is going on in our partner communities. A group of students from New Century Academy visited our partners in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Take a look at their reflections on the experience. We hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane! Click here to watch the video!




Friends Of: White Earth, Minnesota June,2015

Greetings to everyone in the GCN Network! Take a look at an update on our friends in White Earth, MN! 

Bringing it Home: Thailand

We know it can be hard to adjust to being home after participating in an immersion experience. You are faced with the challenge of incorporating your new global perspective into your normal daily routine. It can be hard to explain the depth of the experience to friends and family back home. Barb Parisien participated in the latest trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand. She was inspired by her experience in this Akha village of northern Thailand. Barb channeled her inspiration and painted beautiful images of the photos she took during her experience.

! Hasta pronto! – not goodbye

By: Linda Stuart, Outgoing GCN Director (2005-2014)
Just over nine years ago, when I had applied for the job of GCN’s Executive Director, I did not disclose my whereabouts during much of the lengthy interview process the hiring committee members conducted. They were thorough, and in my way, I was proving to have flexibility and patience (latter quality is my growing edge).

A GCN Trip to Mexico Provided the “Phoenix” to/for a Teacher and His School and Community!


“The Nahua people held "the flower and song", or art, in great esteem. They considered it the only road to a more authentic form of knowledge, closer to reality, less subject to the relative, illusory nature of the earthly world. This is clear in their extensive legacy to universal art, poetry, architecture, murals, sculpture and textiles -- some of the many disciplines which the Nahua helped to develop.” – from A Brief History of the Nahua People


Last October: A Dream Realized

Photo above taken by Tyrel Nelson (Trip participant Oct. 2013)

Walking through the misty evening on October 31st in Cuetzalan, I had one of those moments where I couldn't believe I was, where I was. 

Money Magazine's article on GCN!

GCN recently was interviewed by Money Magazine's writer, Carolyn Bigda. Check out what she had to say about our family trips! You can see the PDF of the article here.

GCN's feature:

A volunteer vacation may sound like an ideal family getaway, but many trips are limited to kids 16 and older. And let's say you do find one that allows rugrats: Most organizers charge per person which adds up quickly when you bring the brood. 

Food, Friendship and Fascination

It has been a little over a month since I returned from Peru with the American Youth Leadership Program, and my 21 travel companions.  Now that I'm generally caught up on sleep, work (well, as much as I will ever truly be caught up) and processing the trip, I would like to share my reflections on the progr

"I think I want to study abroad but I'm feeling...


It was a word I heard a lot during my recent tour of college and university study abroad fairs.  With so many options of destinations, lengths of travel, activities and fields of study, it is not surprising that students were feeling a bit overwhelmed, puzzled or unsure how to go abroad during college.

That is why I am so excited to have students join GCN this year for their travel experience!  Let me offer a few reasons why GCN meets the needs of university and college students:

“Becoming a global citizen does not happen unfacilitated”

cul·ture shock (noun)- the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life or set of attributes.