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The truly amazing thing about this community is the pride, character, and sense of respect you feel being with them. They carry themselves with esteem. Being with them, you know they will not only survive, they will succeed, collectively using the resources available to them for the good of the whole.

- Joyce

Take Action!

Take the experiences that you had and put them into action in your daily life.  Whether it is using less water in the shower, recycling, or volunteering your time to a cause of personal importance, create community to create change. We are each responsible for our global actions.  Remember the things that you saw and lessons that were learned and apply them in your life and to how you interact with others. Create a network of people that are committed to sharing your goals and values to live more socially responsible lives.

To help you continue expanding your global consciousness at home, we have compiled a list of potential opportunities for action in your neighborhood. Have your own local ideas? Share them on our Facebook page or on Twitter--use the hashtag #gcnetwork or create your own!

Explore cross-cultural opportunities in your neighborhood

Search for community centers, cultural groups, educational institutions and other organizations that might offer the following opportunities:


  • Host an international student through our alliance partner Intercultural Student Experiences (ISE)
  • Teach English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Tutor/mentor immigrant youth
  • Assist in preparation for a citizenship or GED exam
  • Teach financial literacy or volunteer as a tax preparer
  • Provide basic employment counseling or job search assistance
  • Be a conversation partner to a language-learner
  • Offer to be a guest speaker/instructor where your expertise may be appreciated
  • Teach basic computer and technology skills
  • Visit with a senior through elder involvement programs
  • Offer to provide childcare during adult community classes
  • Organize a food or book drive for a local group
  • Ask a community center what they need; offer your applicable talents


  • Set up a Google Alert to monitor the web for the latest news related to a host community. Insert keywords like “Quileute People” or “Tibetan refugees,” or do a broader alert like “Tanzania.” As relevant content is published, you may have it delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Learn a language online at sites like Busuu and Livemocha
  • Find a language conversation group near you on Meetup
  • Attend public lectures or discussions that address global issues through a local university or center
  • Browse your local library for books or films about a host community or region of interest

Events and Entertainment

Keep an eye out for global festivals and entertainment in your area. Try looking for...

  • International film festivals or foreign movies at independent theaters
  • Restaurants that serve traditional food from your host community (or try cooking your own)
  • Annual events like Festival of Nations, Día de Los Muertos, Kwanzaa, World Refugee Day
  • Dance and music venues (i.e. a salsa night at a nearby bar/restaurant)
  • Art or cultural exhibits and fairs

Youth/Student-Specific Actions

  • Look into participating in the Global Youth Service Day in April or Youth Service America’s Get Ur Good On program 
  • Apply to represent the U.S. at the UNESCO Youth Forum
  • Enroll in a language or global studies course at  your school
  • Join (or start!) a student group to connect with globally-minded peers
  • Volunteer in your school’s international student services or study abroad office
  • Write about your experience and submit to GCN as well as magazines like Transitions Abroad and Verge Magazine which accept (and may reward) student work
  • Organize a group of classmates to go on a GCN trip; check out our Student Travel programs.