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Step out of the classroom and into the world – journey off the beaten path on our academic, short-term travel programs that offer a unique learning experience to immerse yourself, be inspired and create change.

A trip with Global Citizens Network gives you the opportunity to experience life in a rural community, develop your cross-cultural and communication skills, and collaborate on a project that supports community development goals. Partner with an indigenous community and expand your understanding of the values, traditions and languages of different cultures, as well as contribute to local and global solutions.

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Expect adventure. Expect to learn. Expect the unexpected!
Whether you travel to a Luo tribal village in Kenya, a Tibetan refuge community in Nepal, or a Native American Reservation in Northern Minnesota, your trip will take you deep into an indigenous way of life. You will immerse yourself in a new culture - stepping out of your comfort zone by experiencing local daily living.

While you're in community, you and your teammates will partner with the local village to collaborate on a development project that supports local goals, such as empowering women's art efforts, recording the stories of elders or building school classrooms. But the project is just a piece of this experience! Working side-by-side with people from another culture opens the door to interactions that will teach you about yourself and help you gain an appreciation for a different culture. Living in the community, time eating meals with host families and participating in daily games and chores means you get the most out of this short immersion experience. You will learn about language, social structure and issues, agriculture, industry and arts in the local culture and share insights about your culture as well with community members.

What makes GCN unique?
You have lots of options for an academic trip provider. What makes GCN the best choice for you? 

  • Too busy to study abroad for an entire semester? If you’re an athlete, part of a school organization, or just have a crazy class schedule it can be hard to take an entire semester away from campus. Our 10-21 day programs make it easy to fit into your busy schedule and provide a meaningful alternative to semester long programs through insightful cultural exchanges.
  • Can this experience fit into your academic plan? GCN has staff dedicated to working with you and your college or university to incorporate our program into your studies.
  • How do I learn on the trip? You will receive personal support to prepare for the program, onsite support during your trip, and re-orientation support after you return home to make sure you get the most learning out of the experience.
  • How can I use the skills I’ve gained after the trip? You are now part of a network of global citizens. GCN offers tools to apply the skills you gain during your travels in a meaningful way in your own community – whether it’s on campus, in your neighborhood, or in your future career. We can help you share what you have learned through writing, presentations and networking so you can continue your journey towards global citizenry even after you return home.

“I wanted to be 'in the middle of nowhere' & enjoy it as well as learn about the Quechua culture.  My comfort zone has expanded and I enjoyed getting to know the people!"  - University of Minnesota Student Participant, Tarapoto, Peru

"I hope current UCSD students will be inspired to take that first step in opening their hearts and minds to the world; finding our similarities instead of our differences."- University of California San Diego Student Participant, Kilomeni, Tanzania 

“Tanzania was a life-changing experience that opened my eyes not only to the needs of our fellow global citizens, but also to the lovable and exhilarating culture of Bukoba.” - Megan age 19, Tanzania Trip Participant.