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  • Founded in 1992, Global Citizens Network connects the globally-minded (and the adventurous) with indigenous communities worldwide.

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This was our best family vacation and a phenomenal experience. I feel extremely fortunate that I was able to do this with my children. My children realized that although the people in the community we visited didn't have a lot of material possessions, they had some things we didn't. The community members were funny, loving and generous.

- Anonymous

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  • Mission/Vision : Global Citizens Network seeks to share and promote the values of peace, justice, tolerance, cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation by providing opportunities for cross-cultural expeditions with indigenous peoples around the world.
  • Our Process : Through travel and educational opportunities, GCN educates and raises awareness about culture, sustainable development and social justice issues.
  • Why GCN? GCN seeks to develop authentic relationships between trip participants and members of the local indigenous cultures whom they serve. GCN strongly emphasizes learning, reflection, respect and understanding.
  • People of GCN : Find biographical information about the staff and board members of GCN. Everyone involved in Global Citizens Network is passionate about promoting GCN's core values and vision.
  • Testimonials : Participants recount their cross-cultural expeditions with GCN as being among the most powerful, meaningful experiences of their lives. Find out what they have said.
  • Harambee Newsletter: GCN provides quarterly newsletters (four e-version and two print mailings) each year to update things happening with our community partners, in the GCN office and throughout our network.  Subscribe to receive emails or to join our mailing list.
  • In The News : Named one of the four "Best Volunteer Vacations" by National Geographic in 2007, Global Citizens Network makes frequent appearances in the media.
  • Partnerships : At its core, GCN is built on the values of collaboration and cooperation.  Learn about the organizations we partner with to enhance the efforts of our organizational values and philosophy and foster mutual beneficiality.
  • Changing lives for 20 years : In 2012 GCN hit an exciting milestone of service and celebration.  Learn more about GCN's two decade journey.
  • Financial Information : Understand our process for donating and our Community Development Project Fund (CDPF).

If you are interested in taking a cross-cultural expedition with Global Citizens Network, you can plan a trip here.

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